We lost our dog to illness, had to put him down 3 years ago. It was gut wrenching. My daughter had to put her dog down almost 2 weeks ago due to cancer, that is also gut wrenching too. Loosing a dog to someone else’s negligence has to be without doubt absolutely devastating. Ms. Marks, my heart goes out to you. I don’t believe in suing everyone but my dear, you truly have a case here and I think you need to be compensated and not by getting another dog to replace Colby. You can’t replace him, you need to grieve and heal for a time that only you can say is right for you. In time, I think things will be okay though what happened can never be made right and you will always miss him. I think you have some people praying for you. Be strong, think things out carefully and know that in time, things will eventually get better.